I first encountered Blob Halford last year at Langworthy Live in Salford. Walking into The Ashley Brook to witness this topless duo educating the locals is something I won’t forget in a hurry. So when another gig came up I was ‘in like Flynn‘ as no one says anymore.

Blob Halford at The Peer Hat, Manchester

The basement of The Peer Hat is a brill little venue. Just the right size for a great atmosphere, a sound engineer who knows what he’s doing and does it LOUD, and a few chairs dotted around for me to stand on… wonderful.

Put on by promoters Astral Elevator, Blob Halford are opening this four band show, and when they say ‘first for best‘ they aren’t lying. I don’t think anyone really does anything quite like this band. They are energetic showmen, gobby but endearing and the tunes are so accomplished you’ll struggle to understand how there are only two of them.

Blob Halford at The Peer Hat, Manchester

Their twitter bio says: ‘Two Piece Stoner Grunge from Manchester, UK by way of Florida. Music for daytime strippers.’ Who’s gonna argue with that?

Listen to ‘Y’all Gonna Love Me or Not’ on Bandcamp. Keep up with the band on Twitter | Facebook | Instagram and look out for their debut album, currently being recorded.

Gas Kunst and Heave follow in the line up. Gas Kunst describe themselves as ‘post post punk‘ and live I think have a bit of an indie vibe and something of Pixies about them. Give Heave a rattle if you like your rock on the heavy side.

Then along come the headliners, Bones Shakea scuzzed fuzzed blues three piece from Manchester‘. Before these lads took to the stage I was interested. Call me old fashioned but I do like it when a band dresses for the occasion (despite evidence to the contrary – see Blob Halford).

Bones Shake at The Peer Hat, Manchester

Not only that but they lived up to the outfits. Fantastic soaring sound and intense drama. Think about what it might be like if Dr John Cooper Clarke, Nick Cave, James Brown and Nirvana threw a party. You would go wouldn’t you? Next time you see these guys planning a party please attend and when they arrange their (surely inevitable but as far as I know unplanned) tour of Australia I hope they invite me and Blob Halford along.

‘Sermons’, the new album from Bones Shake is out now on Abattoir Records. Keep up to date with the band on Twitter | Instagram | Facebook |

Review and photography by Breige Cobane Photography

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