If you need to slow things down a little today, then these two tracks from Melbourne’s Nausicaa should help. They are the duo of Kristen (vocals, other instruments) and Dave (guitar, backing vocals, production) who write self-proclaimed ‘night music’ and cite their influences as Jeff Buckley, The Cocteau Twins and The Cure amongst others.

Both tracks are under 90 bpm, and this helps the feeling that time has been elongated and, though it takes a moment for your ears to adjust to the pace, it’s easy to get swept up in the songs once you do. The feeling of the being held between dusk and dawn is definitely prevalent in their writing with ‘Moth To Flame’ evoking the warmth and intoxication of sitting by a fire whereas ‘Night Vision’ drifts in from a dream suspending haunting vocals over washes of acoustic guitar and effects and the video was shot on a foggy night in Melbourne.

Both tracks are available to buy (you can name your own price) from their Bandcamp page and there are a number of live cover on their YouTube page including a lovely version of Björk’s ‘Unison’.

Nausicaa socials: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Bandcamp | Website | TikTok

Review by Paul F Cook

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