Single Review: The Empty Page- Level Sedentary

‘Level Sedentary’ is the new single from Manchester based band The Empty Page, which is the 2nd single from their upcoming second album. The single is the polar opposite to first single ‘Dry Ice’ which was about going out, this one is about staying in. 

Vocalist and songwriter Kel says this contradiction sums up her personality perfectly:

“I think people assume I am an always-on extrovert but sometimes, the last thing I want is to move from a prone position, never mind actually speak to anyone. Level Sedentary is about those days when, for whatever reason, you are just saying ‘no’. I got the name from a fitness tracking app, which seemed to delight in ridiculing me for my off days. Telling me the ‘level’ I had achieved was ‘sedentary’ as opposed to ‘active’ or ‘highly active’ or ‘performative fitness influencer’ or whatever. 

“I also heard John Cooper Clarke say something like, you need two things to be a writer, a pen and idleness. I want to celebrate idleness in this song although it does have an undercurrent of poor mental health too. I suppose you need a pinch of that to be a good writer, which is why I reference some famously depressed writers as well as fictional characters in the outro: 

‘I’m Vonnegut, I’m Plath, I’m Proust, I’m Bonnie Grape, I’m Charlie Brown’”

‘Level Sedentary’ is an unique, slightly quirky sounding track that has echoes of bands like Sonic Youth within its almost unearthly soundscapes. The song has an atmospheric build up,distorted guitars and a dreamy indie Brit Pop feel about it that is very likeable, especially alongside the relatable lyrics.  Certainly a hint that the upcoming new album is going to be worth listening out for. 

‘Level Sedentary’ is out today and you can buy via Bandcamp

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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