Single Review: Harri Pick- Broke

‘Broke’ is the latest single from Harri Pick, who I was surprised to learn is in her early twenties. The song sounds like it could come easily from a bonafide longtime serving rock grrrl royalty. ‘Broke’ is full of attitude and swagger, to a backdrop of grungy underground rock n roll. 

The song is inspired by the real life situation  of Somerset born Harri dealing with the financial circumstances of living in London. A topic that is relatable to many and is very in line with our current cost of living crisis. Harri has taken this topic and turned it into a fantastic single with a catchy chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head.

Speaking about the track, she says: “Broke came about when I went to visit my parents after my birthday. I had just come back from visiting my partner’s family in Scotland and we arrived back in London. We got on the tube and I opened my bank account, which I did in fact have 74p in. We were going to visit my parents in the South West and I was panicking about money and the fact my partner and I lived in such a ridiculously priced place in London that was the size of a box. 

My parents had previously asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I wasn’t sure. I then had a letter for council tax and I decided to ask them for some money rather than a present. My dad was a very sarcastic man and asked how much I wanted, I said I don’t mind because I felt bad asking for money anyway haha. He proceeded to send me £1 and put Money by The Flying Lizards on whilst laughing at sending me £1. He then sent me a bit more after laughing at his joke for long enough. My partner and I then went home and used the Flying Lizards song as inspiration to create the really raw drum sound we liked. 

I then had the SLC ringing me because I dropped out of my masters as I couldn’t afford to do the masters whilst also having a full time job 1hr away. I owed SLC 11.5k which is where most of the inspiration came from for the bridge!” 

This was my first encounter with Harri Pick’s music and I am excited to hear more from her.

‘Broke’ is out now and you can get it from Apple Music here

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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