‘The Universe’ is the new single from the Western-NY based singer/songwriter Jacob King who describes his music as “Freak sounds from nowhere” although, to me, it sounds like warped country music broadcast from a radio station in purgatory. The fact that it starts with a blood-curdling scream and ends with a hailstorm of blown-out distortion belies the simple beauty of the rolling chords and captivating tune that float around in between.

King releases cassettes through his own label, The Foxhead Record Co and lays everything down on a 4-track cassette recorder. Musically, he moves between acoustic folk and a louder electric sound and says the forthcoming album Healers will blend these two elements together.

Jacob King’s voice is warm and rich and wrapped in pillowy reverb which gives it the feel of a haunted cowboy song. It’s wonky and weird, welcoming and scary but it all makes perfect sense.

‘The Universe is taken from his forthcoming album Healers which is out on 5 May.

Jacob King socials: Instagram | Spotify | Bandcamp

Review by Paul F Cook

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