Live Review: Half Alive at HERE at Outernet, London

On March 19th, Half Alive headlined a sold out show at HERE at Outernet, London supported by WizTheMc on the Conditions of a Punk Tour. Their set was wildly inventive, starting the show with a sheet held up and the lead’s silhouette backlit through the first two songs. The evening’s setlist was divided into seasons beginning with summer, ending with spring each season reflected accurately with the songs, lighting and choreography. Through the show the songs are carried by two dancers and the lead singer, Josh Taylor who at times would join in. A highlight of the evening was when Dodie, a singer songwriter known online as doddleoddle, surprised the audience and joined the band onstage to sing their newly released version of ‘Nobody’. They also performed their recently released song ‘Beige’ and a cover of Phil Collin’s ‘Stranger Like Me’. Overall, the show was beautifully staged and arranged and definitely a band to look out for in the future. 

  • A photo of Half Alive lead singer
  • Silhouette of Half Alive's lead singer backlit behind a sheet
  • Photo of Half Alive's bassist
  • Photo of Half Alive's lead singer, partially lit with orange lighting
  • Image of band from the side of the stage, singer is lit by yellow spotlight with a blue background
  • Image of lead singer holding an acoustic guitar with yellow lighting
  • Photo of lead singer singing
  • Photo of lead singer singing, leaning back with black background and warm lighting
  • Image of lead singer with blue lighting and crowd
  • Image of lead singer with acoustic guitar, yellow lighting and purple background
  • Photo of lead singer of Half Alive, holding acoustic guitar with warm pink lighting
  • Wide angled photo of stage from the back of the room, the lead singer is stood with a microphone stand and two dancers are sat both on white boxes with blue spotlights
  • Photo of band from the back of the room with bright lighting and a star rainbow effect on the brightest points
  • Dodie sat on a tall white box in the middle of the stage with yellow spotlights
  • Lead singer and dancer from Half Alive sat on white boxes with Dodie
  • Lead singer from Half Alive dancing lit with blue lights
  • Lead singer of Half Alive with arms stretched upwards
  • Lead singer of Half Alive with bright blue lighting
  • Image of the band from the back of the room, crowd visible, and a star effect on the overhead lighting
  • Photo of the lead singer and two dancers holding a pose, one arm flexed to the right looking upwards with minimal lighting
  • Image of the lead singer stood alone with a single spotlight on him and his acoustic guitar at the end of the final song
  • Image of the band stood at the end of the set, crowd applauding

Find out more on Half Alive’s official website

Article by Kai Wyeth

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