Divorce Finance‘s Live From The Bunker EP comes on like The Cramps getting drunk in Nick Cave’s filthy basement circa 1985. A primal brew of depraved vocals, plunging basslines, snarling and discordant guitars that channel murky swamps with thundering drums – all teetering on the edge of sanity.

Recorded last July during the hottest two days ever recorded in British history in an East Anglian ex-nuclear bunker, the 8-track tape recordings that became Live From The Bunker are a claustrophobic blend of swirling disarray and dark charisma as the Leeds five-piece try desperately to cling to a slither of reality. Speaking of the EP, bandleader Mr Discipline explains, “Live from the Bunker was the result of an experiment with the following ingredients: A songwriter who refuses to acknowledge what decade it is, a northern band on a beano in Norfolk; rabidly trying to escape the glare of Britain’s hottest heatwave ever, and an enigmatic genius residing in an old nuclear bunker full of vintage recording gear. All to a backdrop of world events that only serve to mirror and magnify the historical confusion of the whole affair”.

Opening with a squall of feedback before lunging forward into an addictive hook laden flurry of guttural vocals, “Auto-Communist Dream Girl” is a sludgy love song of socialist utopia, while “Loneliest Twink On The Ranch” is a humorous delight of high energy rock n’ roll. The EP’s lead track, “Director’s Cut“, sounds like the band taking a vacation at The Munsters’ house, although Mr Discipline states that it’s, “a challenge to the identity of the wannabes, the vanity of the addicted, the rose-tinted world view of the blind and comfortable. It’s also about films”.

‘Cause there’s plenty of fellas who think God is Tarantino…
And we all know a girl who thinks God is rich and famous

Divorce Finance – “Director’s Cut” lyrics

The slow dance ballad, “10 Years With Lisa”, is an earnest dedication to adult actress Lisa Ann, as singer/guitarist Mr Discipline reflects on learning lessons in romance from watching her films, while gently questioning the relevance of the bible which dictates all the things that constitute as being evil. Final track, “Bitchkrieg”, hits somewhere between rabble rousing psychobilly hoedown and a full-on freakout.

I had no idea of what to expect when I hit the play button on Live From The Bunker EP, but it’s feral and sexy; a disgrace and divine! It’s for those searching for exciting and chaotic fun in the dark, who are happiest when getting dirty and sweaty in the vortex of the dancefloor. Divorce Finance unleash a delightful blend of thrusting lounge music for the weirdos outside of society, like the soundtrack to a bizarre David Lynchian film yet to be written.

Divorce Finance – Photo by Sam Joyce

Divorce Finance release Live From The Bunker EP on 1st April on limited edition cassette and download. They also have a string of upcoming shows on…
4th April: Toulouse, France – Le Ravelin
7th April: Rennes, France – Marquis de Sade
8th April: Le Mans, France – Le Barouf
9th April: Paris, France – L’International
13-14th May: Leeds, UK – In Colour Festival at Brudenell Social Club (w/ Algiers, TVAM, Enumclaw + more)

Follow the band on their socials for more info and music: Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp / Spotify

Review by Mandy Bang @mandybang
Cover artwork by Jacob Wardle
Photo by Sam Joyce

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