Album Review: Skating Polly- Chaos Country Line

‘Chaos Country Line’ is the absolutely packed double album from Amercian band Skating Polly. Filled with 18 tracks, this is more lengthy than your typical rock band album these days.

The length of this album gives plenty of scope for showing off the range of styles they can play, and the amazing adaptability of the vocals of step sisters Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse. There is something for almost everyone on ‘Cross Country Line’. Gentle soft vocals and delicate keyboards can be found on songs like ‘Someone Like a Friend’ but you can also find big guitar riffs on ‘Singalong’, metal growls on ‘Baby on my Birthday’ and even a bit of country influence on song ‘All the Choices’.

Apparently, the band have labelled their music ‘Ugly Pop’, which is a label, I don’t really see it as personally. However, I do see it as wild, free and rebellious, this is a band not sticking to any tried and tested formula, but dancing across musical landscapes to the beat of their own drum.

‘Chaos Country Line’ is out now via El Camino Media and you can grab a copy from Bandcamp

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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