EP Review: Pollyanna Blue- Trials and Tribulations

Pollyanna Blue are a fresh, new musical duo from Bristol who have just released their debut EP ‘Trials and Tribulations’. The duo formed the band just before the pandemic hit, so this EP is a reflection on the trials that this bad timing created, but also covers other topics including mental health.

The EP is a four tracks long of alternative rock with a grungy feel and some big riffs. The only song that slows thing down a touch is ‘Sapphire Lake’ which is an epic rock ballad. The songs are powerful and emotive, a personal touch runs throughout. Singer Zoe Collins uses her lyrics as an almost therapy to help her channel unresolved trauma. But she also lifts us up, in the fantastic single ‘Strong Enough’- a song that reminds you that you are good enough and strong enough to overcome all that comes your way.

‘Trials and Tribulations’ is out now and you can find it on Spotify

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Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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