Mike Gale describes himself as a “lo-fi recluse” and self-confessed introvert, which could be seen as a cause for concern but if it means he is spending time crafting beautifully mellow pop songs like ‘Summer, Be Gone’ then it’s all to the good. Mike has been kind enough to let Joyzine readers hear the song first ahead of its official release on 11 July.

Gale says the song is “loosely based around my dislike of the hot summer months and how I prefer being cocooned inside while it’s dark and cold outside. I’m not really a fan of crowds, so I appreciate winter and the way there seems to be more space between folks in that season.

In spite of Gale’s preference for a long cold winter ‘Summer, Be Gone’ actually feels like a warm zephyr floating through an open window on a balmy summer’s day. Gentle chords lap at the song and the constant shuffle of the beat barely brushes dust off the drums. There are soft keyboards parts like water bouncing off silk, a high rolling guitar that twinkles like sun through leaves and over it all floats Gale’s unforced and mellifluous voice. I want to make a special mention to a most wonderful and unique chorus which goes against the pop-norm by being a ghostly shimmer of reverb and wistfulness.

The video too is also very restrained featuring performer KIMVI lying motionless in a field while drone shots, expertly filmed by Matt Wallwork, gently rotate to capture the subject up close and from on high.   ‘Summer, Be Gone’ is taken from the album Thanks For Always Waving which is released on 8 September and can be pre-ordered from Bandcamp.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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