Album Review: Syteria – Syteria World

‘Syteria World’ is the third album from Yorkshire rockers Syteria. Syteria is a four piece which includes Jackie Chambers of the legendary band Girlschool, alongside siblings Julia and Pablo Calvo , and Steph Dawson. Their debut album ‘Rant-O-Bot’ was released in 2017 with the follow up ‘Reflection’ in 2020. ‘Rant-O-Bot’ recieved an award nomination for the ‘Independent Music Awards’ and ‘Reflection’ was met with many positive reviews.

The latest album ‘ Syteria World’ is bound to leave you smiling and dancing. The songs are upbeat, catchy and infectious. Big guitars and singalong chorus’s create a sound that you could imagine sounds even better live. This is rock music made for stadiums and arenas.

This doesn’t mean the songs don’t touch on serious topics as they certainly do. ‘Pause for Peace’ is like a protest song calling for peace. The incredibly catchy single ‘Monsters’ challenges people who stalk your life on social media yet have an ulterior motive to backstab and gossip. The lyrics have more honesty and vulnerabilty in comparison to their previous albums.

Their record label, Cargo Records says: “The album showcases their ability to create thought-provoking music that still manages to be catchy and fun. Syteria have created a powerful statement of intent, with each track offering a glimpse into the complexities of the human experience.”

Musically, Syteria mix rock, metal, pop, and a touch of ska across this album. It’s this combination that gives this album such a joyful feel.

Overall this is an album I’ll be sticking on repeat. I’ll be singing the songs for days, as these are songs that get stuck in your head straight away. Syteria look set to continue their previous successful with this album for sure.

‘Syteria World’ is out now via Cargo Records and you can buy it here

Catch Syteria Live on the following dates:

Aug 12th – Nighttrain, Bradford

Aug 19th- The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

Aug 27th- The Black Heart, London

Follow Syteria- Facebook/Instagram

Article by Hayley Foster da Silva

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