Amor Muere is the Mexico-city based experimental collective featuring Mabe Fratti, Gibrana Cervantes, Concepción Huerta, and Camille Mandoki. ‘Love Dies’ is the first track from the EP A time to love, a time to die which is released 3 November this year. ‘Love Dies’ is also the English translation of the band’s name.

The band is an incredible line-up of people who push the boundaries of sound, composition and arrangement to create music that is haunting, challenging and atmospheric. I don’t normally repeat the Bandcamp liner notes in a review, but this paragraph perfectly captures the essence of what makes Amor Muere so exceptional:

Amor Muere represents a unique collaboration between four established artists, each with their own distinguished artistic endeavours. Mabe Fratti, a skilled avant-garde cellist, masterfully weaves together contemporary art pop and avant-garde influences, seamlessly blending improvisation, organisation, and melody in her music. Camille Mandoki’s compositions defy categorization, ranging from stumbling, decaying fairground music to menacing percussive flurries. Her vocals transcend conventional boundaries, bending and shaping sound into hauntingly beautiful and unconventional forms. Concepción Huerta expertly explores everyday sonic landscapes, blending field recordings, objects, and instruments using magnetic tape manipulation and synthesisers. Her artistry crafts immersive atmospheres, seamlessly merging ambient and noise elements while bridging analog and digital sound manipulation. Gibrana Cervantes, a Mexican musician, stands out as a violinist, composer, and improviser, combining classical and metal influences into a truly unique and innovative musical style.”

‘Love Dies’ is a mini odyssey created out of layers of cello which build from slight breezes of ponticello to become a blustery swirl of looped chords and shifting harmonies. Everything is wrapped in low oscillating sounds and occasional percussive beats and the half-whispered vocals create the effect of being sung to in a dream. It’s a compelling and evocative listen and I can’t wait to hear how the geography of ‘Love Dies’ fits into the landscape of the forthcoming EP.

Amor Muere socials: Twitter/X | Instagram | Bandcamp

Review by Paul F Cook

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