Flypaper is the solo project of Rory Sear the vocalist from Beachtape and big nada is his first solo EP of bedroom pop tracks released on one of my favourite labels, Stockholm’s PNKSLM home to 7ebra, Black Mekon, Chemtrails and more. Listening to the six tracks here you could be forgiven for thinking that Sears hails from the prairies of Wyoming but, far from it, as his campfire burns brightly from the wide-open plains of London.

There is a hazy afternoon warmth to this collection of these acoustic snapshots of Sear’s life. The opening track ‘how u doing’ eases is with a nothing more than acoustic guitar and a gentle tremolo judder on the vocals; reminiscent of Neil Young’s ‘Harvest Moon’.

‘stray’ and ‘365’ potter along on a soft-shoe shuffle from the drums with guitar and piano riffing together while Sear’s vocals sit way back in the rumble seat. ‘looking for clues’ is a welcome diner stop on a long highway with some pedal steel to nourish the soul. ‘interlood’ is a short electronic sorbet before we leave the EP on the bounce of a dusty trail on the country song ‘thinkin’.

‘big nada’ is a collegiate arm round the shoulder rather than a full-on bear hug. Everything is laid back, from the cool breeze blowing through Sear’s vocals down to the lower-case letters in the band name, album title and track listing. A lovely collection of sunset ballads for the tail end of summer.

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Review by Paul F Cook

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