Album Review: Los Santos- El Corazon

‘El Corazon’ is the 6 track debut album from punk band Los Santos. The members of the band are Michael G Bayliss on bass guitar and vocals, Richard England on guitar and vocals. Both of these members have been in other punk bands- namely The Saints, The Members and previously together as a band called Alcohol. The debut album also features Alex Wonk on drums and X Ray Vez on lead vocals.

Musically, the music is very much in the vein of classic punk. Los Santos have been compared to the likes of The Clash, The Ramones and The Damned. The 6 tracks on El Corazon is very much a fast paced, shouty, punk rock album. ‘Sorry Somehow’ is super catchy and will probably stick in your head for a while after to listening to it. The production is not perfect, but surely that is the point of punk? This creates a lo fi/live feel to the album.

While this punk ‘supergroup’ might be a little off the radar right now (with very little information online), once punk fans hear this debut album, I’m sure we will be hearing more from them.

You can buy ‘El Corazon’ now from their Bandcamp

Find out more in the following places: Facebook/Soundcloud

Review by Hayley Foster da Silva

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