Little Bundles of Joy: Micro Reviews of Big Thief, MGMT, Superchunk, T.T.T.T., The New Cut, TORRES, The Fauns, Martin Rev + The Jesus & Mary Chain

The new single by T.T.T.T. is a delight from start to finish. ‘Pig’ is a 100mph ramshackle lo-fi punk triumph with megaphone vocals and a blistering solo that feels like it may fall apart any minute. ‘Eat Tomatoes Or Eat Shit’ is a slower affair, yet is definitely more discordant and messy. Immediate lazy comparison would be Billy Childish. My favourite discovery this month.

Gripped from the start with some lovely wonky discordant chordage, The New Cut‘s ‘From The Overpass’ is a slow burner of a track that gets under the skin. At times the laconic vocal delivery and dissonant guitar even reminds me of latter-day Sonic Youth. A pleasant surprise. I will be keeping my eyes on this band.

Reviews by Ioan Humphreys

Superchunk‘s Making Rays

“This is not where we belong
but it’s where we are right now.”

Winter’s coming.
We’ve received respite in the chilly North. Grass is still green. Hope lingers.
Even so, I crave the sun.
Thankfully, Superchunk is bringing bright lights, massive riffs and killer vocals achieving an impeccable Distillers homage in their celebratory single, ‘Sunny Brixton‘.
I was shocked awake by their happy-go-lucky fuck-you pure-punk attitude, reminiscent of the days I’d leave my glasses at home to mosh blind, back when rent was affordable and success didn’t feel so far away.
If their boxset release Misfits & Mistakes (what a title!) is anything like this track, you can expect a twister of tough tunes that turn the yellow brick road into a speedway.
Winter’s on its way. It’s inevitable.
Luckily, Superchunk’s keeping us warm.

Review by C.E. Hoffman

Brooklyn based indie-rock band Big Thief released new double single ‘Vampire Empire‘ and ‘Born For Loving You‘ on 20th of October through 4AD. ‘Vampire Empire’ became a fan favourite after they performed it on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert earlier this year. Recorded on tour in spain these songs have a close intimate indie-rock country tinge liveness, they say that Vampire Empire ‘speaks to the beautiful complexity of gender identity and breaking destructive internal cycles.’

On October 17th, we witnessed the first new release in ten years from the Bristol/London band Fauns. Released on Invada Records, the new single ‘How Lost‘ sounds like it could sit comfortably on the best parts of the ‘Drive’ soundtrack, with ethereal vocals and driving synths, but with added swooning guitars. We are sure Fauns’ fans are excited to hear this new taste of what’s to come.

The Sum of Our Wounds, a collection of unheard recordings from Martin Rev’s cassette archive, was released on Bureau B this month. It features a collection of 16 tracks recorded between 1973 and 1985 from the radical artist known for being one half of the influential duo Suicide. Definitely something to add to your collection.

We also find the release of The Jesus And Mary Chain‘s Munki album reissue on October 20th, out on Fuzz Club, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the album. ‘Munki,’ the band’s 6th studio album, is now available on gatefold vinyl.

MGMT released a new single, ‘Mother Nature,’ on October 31st to coincide with the announcement of a new album coming in the new year on Mom+Pop Records. The gentle melancholia of ‘Mother Nature’ offers a hint of the psychedelic pop album to come.

With 6 studio albums and a plethora of other releases, TORRES won’t be new to everyone. However, if you haven’t yet heard Mackenzie Ruth Scott’s music, you might want to listen to her new single, ‘I Got The Fear,’ out on Merge Records. The song blends programmed drums with guitars and synths as she sings, ‘The dread doesn’t pay any rent money. 

Reviews by Toby Tobias Kidd

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