Advent Calendar #6 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

We’ve reached day six of The Joyzine Advent Calendar 2017 and we’re back with yet another free download, this time from one of the most sprawlingly ambitious albums of the year.

scaramanga six

Weighing in at an impressive 22 tracks in length on double heavyweight vinyl (or as a digital download if you prefer), Chronica, the ninth album from Yorkshire quartet The Scaramanga Six, tells the abstract story of a dystopian island society and from it we have ‘My Pet Hate’, which bassist & vocalist Steven Morricone describes as being “about a boy who acquires a hideous pet that he slowly transforms into a replica of. Pretty festive I trust you’ll agree.”

Download ‘My Pet Hate’

You can buy a physical copy of Chronica from the band’s website, or get a download from Bandcamp.

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