Advent Calendar #8: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads – Mister Solo + Fightmilk

Yesterday’s Advent Calendar treat was provided by Lost Map Records supergroup Friends of The Guinness and their track ‘Ciara’ from the Christmas Card EP (you can still download it here). Today we have an exclusive track from a cult indie hero and a new festive track from a Joyzine favourite.

As always, the tracks are completely free to to download and there’s no need to sign up to any mailing lists to access the tracks (though if you’d like to you can join ours here), but with the UK’s independent music venues in peril following almost a year of covid restrictions, we’d love you to make a donation to the Music Venue Trust‘s #saveourvenues campaign if you enjoy these tracks. You can make a donation to the fund, or to a specific venue of your choice here.

Mister Solo is the glam rock alter-ego of Mikey Georgeson, who you may also know as The Vessel, frontman of cult artpop band David Devant & His Spirit Wife. It’s been a while since we last saw him, what with Mikey’s artistic endeavours, Devant shows and his band The Son Fathers, who featured on last year’s calendar – not to mention the whole global pandemic thing; but we’re delighted to welcome him back with a brand new track ‘Scatter Brained’, featuring The Professor Rimschott of DD&HSW on drums, which will be the title track of a new album due next year. We asked Mister Solo for a few words on the new track and he certainly gave them to us…

Mister Solo has been a little quiet of late after almost literally exploding into the art pop music scene with ‘Home Sick Home’ and ‘Kiss It Better’. The potential for entangled collective creative proliferation in these two tracks brought him out of hiding during lockdown 0.1 and a plethora of new pop odes to assemblage thinking poured forth. These will become his third album early in 2021. ‘Scatter Brained’ is a celebration of discovering your mind is a tapestry woven between the internal and external worlds rather than a black box recorder of tick box data. Mister Solo has always been about scissor kicking and loving the sensual over the intellectual. Here in this entangled embrace we find a scatter brain.

Download ‘Scatter Brained’
If you enjoy this track please consider making a donation to the #saveourvenues campaign

For more Mister Solo art and wonders visit his latest multi media hub in honour of William Blake

It’s always nice when people that you like get together, so you can imagine our delight when shimmering indie pop quartet Fightmilk signed to the ever-excellent Reckless Yes Records (home to fellow Joyzine faves Bugeye, Chorusgirl, Nervous Twitch and more). Their combined labours saw the release of stunning debut album Not With That Attitude and with a follow-up in the pipeline for 2021 the band have released a Christmas EP, Fightmilk & Cookies (available now on Bandcamp), containing a collection of covers and splendidly titled originals, one of which, vengeful electropop track ‘I’m Dreaming of a Christmas (Where You Just Explode)’, we have for you on today’s calendar. We asked the band for their thoughts…

We’re creeping towards the end of an absolute cosmic joke of a year which has both been the longest year in memory and also just somehow… vanished. It’s been a fun cycle of disappointment, disbelief, despair, and other sad words beginning with D. But as you settle in with a mince pie for your, hopefully, final existential crisis of the year, we hope that this ridiculous Christmas EP of originals and covers which we somehow squeezed out of our cabin-fevered brains brings you some comfort, if not joy. At the very least, it has a much underrated Britney song, a very (very) lo-fi choral classic, bizarre impressions of the Muppets, and even more bizarre impressions of Chris Rea. Hang in there, we love you, and Merry Christmas. Fightmilk x

Download ‘I’m Dreaming of a Christmas (Where You Just Explode)’
If you enjoy this track please consider making a donation to the #saveourvenues campaign

Keep up to date with Fightmilk on their Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bandcamp

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