The Joyzine Advent Calendar – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads! #19: Buds & Spawn ft. Emergence Collective, Michael Woodman + New Ghost

Yesterday’s trio of Advent Calendar treats came from three members of the Joyzine writing team, with Caroline Low’s Wonderland, Paul F Cook’s Skylon and editor Paul’s Maps & Muir all getting involved – click here for the tracks. Today we’ve three more tracks from one of our favourite promoters.

As always, the tracks are completely free to download and there’s no need to sign up to any mailing lists to access the songs (though if you’d like to you can join ours here), but if you’re enjoying the tunes we’d love you to make a donation to the wonderful charity Help Musicians, who offer health and welfare support to musicians at all stages of their lives.

Let’s find out where today’s Advent Calendar treats are coming from…

Today we’ve a trio of tracks from fantastic Sheffield-based promoters Buds & Spawn, who’ve hosted many a Joyzine favourite at their shows both in person and online, including Perhaps Contraption, Stephen EvEns, Hurtling, Barringtone and more. We’ll hand over to them to introduce themselves and today’s bands.

For lovers of the weird and wonky, punky and proggy, choppy changey, twisty turny, off kilter, psychedelic, experimental, math / alt / art / just plain awkward. Buds & Spawn is a series of semi-irregular nights of semi-irregular music in Sheffield, curated by independent promoter, Laura Holmes.

Buds & Spawn is the expression of a life long passion for complex but melodic music. This is music that is not ‘experimental’ in the sense that it asks us to question what sorts of sonic experiences we are happy to describe as music, but in the sense that it stretches, twists and plays with some of the norms of popular music – time signatures, keys and melodies – to create music that can surprise and challenge expectations.

We hope you enjoy the fabulous freebies from 3 phenomenal bands who have appeared on our stage and wish you a safe and satisfying festive holiday.

Find out more about Buds & Spawn on their official website, sign up to their mailing list or follow them on Facebook / Twitter / Youtube

Emergence Collective is an acoustic improvisatory ensemble based in Sheffield, UK. Drawing on their individual backgrounds in European folk, jazz, early music, and contemporary classical music, they build spontaneous minimalist structures that gradually morph through a constantly evolving musical dialogue. The unusual combination of instruments and dynamic musical process generates a hypnotic kaleidoscope of sound that is completely unique to every performance.

‘division iii’ is one part of our brand new album, Emergence I. Since starting our journey together as a band over two years ago, we are delighted to finally be able to share this music with the world!’

Read Buds & Spawn’s interview with Emergence Collective here.

Download ‘division iii
Follow Emergence Collective on Facebook / Instagram

Michael Woodman supported Kavus Torabi at Sheffield’s Sidney & Matilda venue in Sheffield for Buds & Spawn in October 21. Read Buds & Spawn’s interview with Michael here.

Thumpermonkey guitarist/vocalist Michael Woodman released Psithurism on Friday, 6th August 2021, through Believers Roast. Named for the ancient Greek term for wind in the trees, Psithurism moves away from Woodman’s maximalist sci-fi contributions to Thumpermonkey’s recent Make Me Young Etc, inhabiting instead the quiet interstices between mossy wet stones. 

‘Murder ballads with funny counting’, if you like – fusing 70s progressive influences with 80s Scott Walker and weird fiction – sinister narratives featuring backwoods criminality, cryptids hidden in the shin-tangle, recently burned buildings hissing in rain, and the warm, sad ochre of nostalgia.

Psithurism features the drumming, engineering and mixing talents of ex-Cleft’s John Simm, alongside bass by Guapo/Thumpermonkey’s Sam Warren, and saxophone by Knifeworld’s Josh Perl. It is released as a limited edition card digipak (with otherworldly artwork by James Hutton), as well as on digital platforms.

Download ‘Petrichor‘ and watch the video here
Follow Michael Woodman on Bandcamp

New Ghost supported Kavus Torabi at Sheffield’s Sidney & Matilda venue in Sheffield for Buds & Spawn in October 21. Read B&S’ interviews with Chris and Ellie from the band.

New Ghost are a Sheffield based collective making expansive music that encompasses elements of post-rock, prog and shoegaze to form a recipe that is quite their own.  They feature Ellie Shepherd, Chris Anderson, Gareth Hughes, Nic Bowden, Joe Richards, and Taz Ali.

This track was one of several recorded for a lockdown session broadcast on the BBC. Since forming in late 2018, they have self released a mini-album, played alongside some of the UK’s best post-rock and math rock bands, as well as curating a stage at Tramlines and playing with the wonderful Spielbergs, as well as the brilliant Kavus Torabi.

New Ghost are currently buried away in the studio recording new material with Tom Henthorn (Future Is Dead). 

Download ‘Burning Out (live lockdown session)
Follow New Ghost on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Bandcamp

If you enjoy today’s tracks, please consider making a donation to Help Musicians

Come back tomorrow for more exclusive tracks + check out the tracks from previous windows, all of which are still available to download:

#1: Piney Gir – Everybody Knows It’s Christmas
#2: Lost Map Records
Gordon McIntyre – You and Me and The Ghosts of Christmas Past
#3: Hey You Guys! – I’m Sorry
Peter With Rosie – The Oxen
Peter Richard Adams – The Roaring Twenties
#4: Salt The Snail – Matador Print
#5: Dead Horse – Eating The Reindeer
#6: Blang Records
Sergeant Buzfuz – In The Bleak Midwinter
Paul Hawkins (Awkward Silences) – Christmas Doesn’t Love Me
Faux Fibbers – All The Nutters Come Out At Christmas
#7: The Scaramanga Six – Dog Form
#8: Hatcham Social – If You Go Down To The Woods Today (Three Cheers for Our Team)
#9: Alcopop! Records
Beach Riot – Modern Dinosaur
Frauds – Woke Life
Tokky Horror – Eden on Acid
#10: The Mining Co. – Last Stop for Tired Reindeer
#11: Sonic Tonic
Firestations – Long Year City
The Leaf Library – Tired Ghost
Shattercones – In The Bleak Midwinter
Maggie The Cat – The Cherry Tree Carol
Naomi In Blue – Colour of Blue
#12: Cruel Nature Records
Distant Animals – Hyperacusis
Omnibael – The Repetition
#13: The Fades – People In General
Silent Star – To Hell or Hackney (Too Late)
#14: Reckless Yes Records
Paper Birch – Summer Daze (Mild Peril Remix)
Nervous Twitch – You Ruined Christmas + Boredom & Distraction
Bitch Hunt – Shapeshifter
LIINES – Keep On Going
Duck – Santa Claus (ft. Charley Stone)
Hearts Beating In Time – Simone’s
The Crystal Furs – Drinking Alone On Christmas
French for Rabbits – Money or The Bag (Alternative Live Version)
Japan Review – Lose Them All

#15: Dedstrange Records
Plattenbau – Hollywood
Data Animal – Future Primitive
Jealous – K-Hole
Lunacy – Dust
A Place To Bury Strangers – Let’s See Each Other (Grimoose Remix)
Wah Together – Sayonara

#16: Another Christmas: ESKA & Duke Garwood – Silent Night
#17: Bird’s Robe Records
Furnace & the FUndamentals – Giving In The Name Of
Toehider – Carol of The Bells
clayhands – Polars

#18: Joyzine writers
Wonderland – Vampyre
Skylon – Adeline
Maps & Muir – All I Want for Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit

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