The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day Seven of free music

In German households across the weekend, children will have been waiting anxiously for the verdict on their behaviour over the past twelve months.  Would they be rewarded with a gift from St. Nicholas or be punished for their wrongdoing by his demonic accomplice Krampus, known to beat children with birch sticks or even kidnap them and take them to hell for twelve months.

This coming Friday, 11th December, Joyzine and local post-hardcore heroes Frauds will be hosting To Hell With Good Intentions, a new live music night in our hometown of Croydon and today’s treats come from two of the acts performing on our opening night.


Mystified will be bringing their garage-psyche sound to Hoodoo’s and to prepare you for their mind-blowing guitar barrage we have their track ‘Out of Use’ for you to download here.  Don’t be fooled by its retro-pop intro, there are some savage licks to be found for those brave enough to delve deeper.

Joining them behind today’s window and on Friday’s stage are local quartet The Jonbarr Hinge, who have provided ‘Hammer’ from their recent album Broken Ribs, Broken Records for your listening pleasure.  Get it here.  In a somewhat bizarre coincidence, both bands feature a member called Ben Parker (an idea for a themed gig night in which every band must have a member of the same name is already forming in my head).

Bucking the Ben Parker trend but equally great is singer-songwriter Stephen EvEns, the aforementioned Frauds and, our recently announced special guest headliners East London garage thrash duo Love Buzzard.

Five great bands on a Friday night in Croydon for only a fiver (or £3 if you’re quick enough to snap up one of the few remaining early bird tickets here) –  what better way to kick-start your weekend?

To Hell With Good Intentions takes place on Friday 11th December at Hoodoo’s, Matthew’s Yard, Croydon.

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