Advent Calendar #9 – 24 Days of Free Downloads

It’s day 9 on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and we’ve got another fantastic free download for you.


Those of you who’ve been keeping up with Joyzine for a while will be familiar with Burning Condors, who released a fine album of rock and roll stompers a few years back.  Sadly we’ve not heard much from them since, that is until we started our search for this year’s calendar tracks.  Condor’s bassist Chris got in touch about Lahayna, who count three members of the band amongst their number and actually pre-date Burning Condors.  A decade ago they had a top 40 single, but their album was never released.  They’re now putting that right, and to celebrate the 10 year anniversary the album is finally getting a proper release.

Today we have a free track from the LP, ‘Save My Soul’ – download it here.

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