The Joyzine Advent Calendar #13: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads – PaulFCook + West Midlands

Yesterday we reached halfway in this year’s calendar with a trio of tracks from next year’s LOUD WOMEN Fest line-up: I, Doris, Genn and Breakup Haircut – you can still download them here. Today’s tracks come from a little closer to home with two songs from members of the Joyzine team.

As always, the tracks are completely free to to download and there’s no need to sign up to any mailing lists to access the tracks (though if you’d like to you can join ours here), but with the UK’s independent music venues in peril following almost a year of covid restrictions, we’d love you to make a donation to the Music Venue Trust‘s #saveourvenues campaign if you enjoy these tracks. You can make a donation to the fund, or to a specific venue of your choice here.

PaulFCook – Blues Man
Regular Joyzine scribe Paul plays as part of indie-folk duo Fenco and also constructs his own electronic creations under his own name. We’ve got one of them, ‘Blues Man’ for you today. We asked him for a few words about the track.

A field recording from 2007 of a harmonica playing, and self-styled, ‘Blues Man’ made on my way home from work while the train was still in the station. I dropped the recording into Cubase and added squelchy drums, 4 bass guitars and 3 concurrent guitar solos.

Download ‘Blues Man’
If you enjoy this track please consider making a donation to the #saveourvenues campaign

Keep up to date with PaulFCook on his Bandcamp Page

West Midlands – Electric Duck (Let’s Get The Old Band Back Together)
Andrew Wolfman is the frontman of both West Midlands Hospital Radio on The Joyzine Podcast Alliance and of the band West Midlands.

In Wolfman’s words the band, which also features Paul Of Sound and Doctor Hen, are “pop magpies cranking out DIY death rock disco and supernatural indie rock from a dank room on an industrial estate round the back of PC World. They are joined on their new record by Sarah Woolfenden, JezRock, Nat Geo and competition winner Lochie Wood. If you need us we’re at

Speaking of this exclusive new track, ‘Electric Duck (Let’s Get The Old Band Back Together)’, Wolfman said:

“Electric Duck is the sound of cavemen unearthing an Atari ST: Primitive, propulsive and preposterous; a ridiculously addictive stone age riot. Weird music for weird times. Imagine if concerts still existed and a song like this happened. You’d be scraping bits of blown minds off the floor for months. I hope you like it”

Download ‘Electric Duck (Let’s Get The Old Band Back Together)’
If you enjoy this track please consider making a donation to the #saveourvenues campaign

Keep up to date with West Midlands on their Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Come back tomorrow for more exclusive tracks + check out the tracks from previous windows, all of which are still available to download:

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