The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day Nine

All of the country and indeed around the world, people will be heading home for the festive season, so we thought it only right to dedicate a day of the calendar to our home town, Croydon.

It’s a bit of an odd time around these parts to be honest, with the town’s reputation undergoing an overhaul from “Kate Moss, chavs and ASBOs,” as local musician Superman Revenge Squad once sung, to being the latest area of South London due for gentrification and the entire centre due to become one big Westfield in the next few years, all of which creates a sense of uncertainty.

One thing we are sure of though is that the art and music scenes are going from strength to strength.  Check out our Croydon Galleries review for the art side of things, and for the music, we have two local bands with tracks from the Cronx for your listening pleasure.


Don’t let the name fool you, The West Midlands (pictured above at their recent show at local venue Scream Lounge) are most certainly from round these parts.  They released an eponymous EP earlier this year on lovely orange vinyl and cassette, and from it we have the (admittedly not very festive) ‘Covered In Decay’.  Download it here.


There must be something about place north-west of here that catches the imagination of Croydon’s musical set, as our next track by psych-folk quintet Magic Brother is titled ‘The West Country’.  The track is taken from a split EP with cassettes (who until their singer moved north were another fine local band) on Onomatopoeia Records in which both bands performed their own version of the same song.  Download Magic Brother’s version here.

And if all that’s got you in the mood for more Croydonian fare, you could do worse than checking out our new live music night at local venue Hoodoo’s – the first show is coming up on Friday night, featuring local bands Frauds and The Jonbarr Hinge alongside Love Buzzard, Mystified and Stephen Evens.  Find out more here.

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