The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 10

Day ten on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and we’ve got a storming line-up of free music for you yet again.


First up are long-term Joyzine faves Arrows of Love who are currently working on the hotly anticipated follow up to last year’s debut album Everything’s Fucked.  The new material is being kept under wraps for now so we have a track from the first EP, ‘Pretend Friends’, a wonderfully dark slice of post-grunge dynamics.  Download it here.

scaramanga six

It’s becoming increasingly rare that we get the opportunity to cover a band that pre-date our first online issue, but The Scaramanga Six have shown the kind of longevity that we can only dream of.  Now twenty years and eight albums in, they show no signs of slowing down with 2015’s The Terrifying Dream, from which today’s track ‘Arabella’ is taken, is perhaps their best yet.  An ambitious rock behemouth, themed around the bandmembers’ own dreams and nightmares, its a twisting, turning curiosity.  Donwload Arabella here.

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