Advent Calendar #11 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

We’ve reached the eleventh day of The Joyzine Advent Calendar and we have something rather strange and wonderful for you today with a pair of exclusive downloads from a long-standing Joyzine favourite.

Indelicates The Indelicates recently released Juniverbrecher, their sixth studio album, a twisted tale of England overrun by a demon in the form of Mr Punch, wreaking havoc upon the land and leading to, well most of the general awfulness that you’ve seen on the news over the past year or two – Jimmy Saville, the deaths of music & film icons and of course, Brexit.

The band were recent guests on The Joyzine Radio Show (check out the podcast here), where they played a couple of stripped back session tracks and told us about the peculiar manner in which they’d launched the album at The Rialto Theatre in Brighton, which culminated in a banishing ritual to purge the land of the Mr Punch demon.  Today, we have an exclusive live recording of that moment, featuring some sterling firebrand oratory from magician Cat Vincent and a version of album closer ‘Mr Punch (A Banishing)’.

Download ‘The Ritual’
Download ‘Mr Punch (A Banishing)’

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