The Joyzine Advent Calendar – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads! #23: Peaness + Toby Goodshank

Yesterday our Advent Calendar treats came from our friends at Rocklands with songs from Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs and Elephants and Castles. Today in our penultimate window we’ve another double helping of free downloads.

As always, the tracks are completely free to download and there’s no need to sign up to any mailing lists to access the songs (though if you’d like to you can join ours here), but if you’re enjoying the tunes we’d love you to make a donation to the wonderful charity Help Musicians, who offer health and welfare support to musicians at all stages of their lives.

Let’s find out who’s bringing the tunes…

Photo by Derek Bremner

Peaness – What’s The Use?

Chester indie-pop trio Peaness recently announced news of their forthcoming debut album, scheduled for release next year, and unveiled a first glimpse of the bright punky fuzz-pop delights in store with the release of the first single from the LP ‘What’s The Use?’ through their own Totally Snick Records imprint. Originally scheduled for release in summer 2020, but delayed for the same reasons everything else has been over the past couple of years, it came with a wonderful video collage of life in the band pre-pandemic, and with every delay and canceleld show the song and video became more special to them. Commenting on the track, the band said “Did you feel like screaming into a pillow at all these past 18 months? Same!”

Watch the video below and get a free download of the track to whet your appetite for the album to come.

Download ‘What’s The Use?
Find out more about Peaness on their official website

Toby Goodshank – Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half

Former Moldy Peaches guitarist and prolific solo artist Toby Goodshank is another musician with an intriguing LP due for release in 2022 – Truth Jump Fall is out on 21st January via BB*Island Records, and if today’s track ‘Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half’ is anything to go by, it’s a date worth pencilling into your diary.

Originally released in 2011, but until now only available as a home-pressed CDR, the album was recorded under the watchful eye fellow ex-Moldy Peach Jack Dishel with the aim to make “every song sound like it could be someone’s favourite song of all time.” I guess with its vinyl & CD reissue next month you’ll find out if that someone is you – on this evidence I reckon there’s a pretty good chance.

Download ‘Baby I Feel Like I Just Got Cut In Half
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If you enjoy today’s tracks, please consider making a donation to Help Musicians

Come back tomorrow for more exclusive tracks + check out the tracks from previous windows, all of which are still available to download:

#1: Piney Gir – Everybody Knows It’s Christmas
#2: Lost Map Records
Gordon McIntyre – You and Me and The Ghosts of Christmas Past
#3: Hey You Guys! – I’m Sorry
Peter With Rosie – The Oxen
Peter Richard Adams – The Roaring Twenties
#4: Salt The Snail – Matador Print
#5: Dead Horse – Eating The Reindeer
#6: Blang Records
Sergeant Buzfuz – In The Bleak Midwinter
Paul Hawkins (Awkward Silences) – Christmas Doesn’t Love Me
Faux Fibbers – All The Nutters Come Out At Christmas
#7: The Scaramanga Six – Dog Form
#8: Hatcham Social – If You Go Down To The Woods Today (Three Cheers for Our Team)
#9: Alcopop! Records
Beach Riot – Modern Dinosaur
Frauds – Woke Life
Tokky Horror – Eden on Acid
#10: The Mining Co. – Last Stop for Tired Reindeer
#11: Sonic Tonic
Firestations – Long Year City
The Leaf Library – Tired Ghost
Shattercones – In The Bleak Midwinter
Maggie The Cat – The Cherry Tree Carol
Naomi In Blue – Colour of Blue
#12: Cruel Nature Records
Distant Animals – Hyperacusis
Omnibael – The Repetition
#13: The Fades – People In General
Silent Star – To Hell or Hackney (Too Late)
#14: Reckless Yes Records
Paper Birch – Summer Daze (Mild Peril Remix)
Nervous Twitch – You Ruined Christmas + Boredom & Distraction
Bitch Hunt – Shapeshifter
LIINES – Keep On Going
Duck – Santa Claus (ft. Charley Stone)
Hearts Beating In Time – Simone’s
The Crystal Furs – Drinking Alone On Christmas
French for Rabbits – Money or The Bag (Alternative Live Version)
Japan Review – Lose Them All

#15: Dedstrange Records
Plattenbau – Hollywood
Data Animal – Future Primitive
Jealous – K-Hole
Lunacy – Dust
A Place To Bury Strangers – Let’s See Each Other (Grimoose Remix)
Wah Together – Sayonara

#16: Another Christmas: ESKA & Duke Garwood – Silent Night
#17: Bird’s Robe Records
Furnace & the FUndamentals – Giving In The Name Of
Toehider – Carol of The Bells
clayhands – Polars

#18: Joyzine writers
Wonderland – Vampyre
Skylon – Adeline
Maps & Muir – All I Want for Christmas Is a Dukla Prague Away Kit

#19: Buds & Spawn
Emergence Collective – division iii
Michael Woodman – Petrichor
New Ghost – Burning Out (Live Lockdown Session)

#20: The Kunts – A Lonely Wank In a Travelodge
#21: LOUD WOMEN – Reclaim These Streets
I Am HER – Heretic
Sulk 93 – The Eyes In The Wall
I, Doris – In The Ladies

#22: Rocklands
Jean Genie’s Massive Hugs – Oh Bondage! Up Yours!
Elephants & Castles – Without You

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