The Joyzine Advent Calendar #20: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

Much as Christmas is supposed to be a time for light and warmth, it’s sometimes good to keep thing in balance, so we’ve got something a little darker for you behind window number 20.

lark (Medium)

Those of you who have frequented the calendar in previous years will almost certainly be familiar with Lark, the musical wing of visual artist Karl Bielik’s creative output.  Aside from a remix of his track ‘Broken’ by Xqui, we’ve not heard much from Lark since 2018’s The Last Woman LP so we were delighted to be sent a brand new, exclusive track for today’s window, along with artwork by Stephen Buckeridge and a video by Stuarturo, which you can watch below.  Keep your eyes peeled for more new Lark material due to be released through Standard Lamp Records in 2020.

Download ‘Underpass’ (right-click to download)


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