The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 17

It’s day seventeen of the Joyzine Advent Calendar and we have another day of triple treats for you, this time courtesy of the ever excellent anti-folk label Blang Records, who earlier this year celebrated their tenth birthday (we reviewed one of their birthday party shows here).  A compilation album, Lucky Dip, featuring tracks by Thomas Truax, Milk Kan, David Cronenberg’s Wife and many more from the Blang archives was released in October to mark the occasion.


The first helping comes from label founder Sergeant Buzfuz, who released sixth album Balloons for Thin Linda in 2015 as well as a comic book version of single ‘S6 Girls’ and appeared alongside Graham Coxon, Will Oldham and Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo on the Shirley Collins tribute album Shirley Inspired.

The telling of Ghost stories at Christmas is a tradition that goes back to the likes of Dickens and Henry James and Sergeant Buzfuz have provided one of their own today with album track ‘House of Spirits’.  Download it here.


Author, blogger and outsider pop artist Paul Hawkins is a man who knows a thing or two about the festive season, having written a book, Bad Santas: Disquieting Winter Folk Tales for Grown-Ups and several songs on the subject in the past.

His band, Paul Hawkins & Thee Awkward Silences, released a new album Outsider Pop, earlier this year and host ‘The Best Christmas Ever’ at The Gunners in North London on Thursday 18th December featuring a PHANTAS set with captioned lyrics, supported by Storm The Palace, a ‘Drunken Xmas Singalong’ with Austrian witch Frau Perchta AND a visit from St Nicholas himself alongside mince pies and party games.

We’ve a track from the PHANTAS festive canon for you today in the form of ‘I’ll Be Getting a Divorce for Christmas’.  Download it here.


We were introduced to Malcolm Kaksois and his surreal story-songs at the Blang 10th birthday party.  Physical copies of his releases have sold out but you can get them as a download from his bandcamp page.

Today we have a lo-fi Christmas track from him – download ‘Sicko Santa’ here.

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