Advent Calendar #15 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

It’s window number 15 of the Joyzine Advent Calendar and with ten days to go until Christmas we have another fantastic free download for you today.


We’ve been putting musical advent calendars together for 14 years now, but we’re far from the only game in town – a similarly splendid festive countdown can be found over at Loud Women, who have been championing women in music through their online zine and awesome live shows for a few years now.

One band that you’ll find on both calendars are sax-punks Guttfull, who today have gifted a recording of their track ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’ from a radio session on Resonance FM earlier this year.

Guttfull play The (Very) Loud Women Xmas Party at The Lexington on 21st December alongside all-female Duran Duran inspired quintet Joanne Joanne and one of our favourite new bands of 2017, Hurtling.  Tickets, priced at £8, are available here.  Guttfull’s latest EP Not All Men is out now on Bandcamp and they’ll be releasing their debut album in the new year, followed by a tour of the UK and the rest of Europe in the summer.

Download ‘Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here?’

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