The Joyzine Advent Calendar #10: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

Christmas, a time for feasting.  Stuffing turkey, mince pies, sherry and those horrible liquor chocolates that you wouldn’t so much as look at for the rest of the year down your throat until you pop the buttons on your novelty festive cardigan.  Then come the familiar new year sweats as you realise what a horrendous mess you’ve made of yourself and vow to set things straight.

west midlands
West Midlands know your pain, and for today’s advent calendar window they’ve provided the perfect soundtrack to your annual January pilgrimage to the gym.  ‘Shit Business at The L.A. Fitness’ is a fist pumping rock anthem to set your Rocky-style training montage to.

It comes from the band’s forthcoming album  The Complete History of Popular Music 1984-2038.  In the words of frontman Andrew Wolfman (also of the excellent Wolfmania podcast), the album is “a supernatural indie rock concept record about a rapidly decaying musician, dropped by his label, forgotten by fans and forced to return to his childhood home in the Black Country to confront his demons – some of which, it turns out, are actual demons. It’s sort of a documentary.”

Download ‘Shit Business at The L.A. Fitness’ (right click to save)

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