The Joyzine Advent Calendar #21: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

We’re into the final stretch now but we’ve still got plenty of musical treats up our sleeve between now and Christmas Eve, starting with a double helping of downloads behind window 21 today.

videocean (Medium)

Our first track is an exclusive from Peckham Soul-gaze quartet Videocean, whose highlights of the year included collaborating with Sea of Bees on luminescent single ‘On Your Own’, appeaing on excellent Youtube series Margo’s Living Room and playing a gig on a boat on the Thames.

They’ve provided us with an unreleased track, ‘Above All’, of which the band say “It’s not particularly festive but it is quite an icy song, dealing with the advancement of time and all the claustrophobic, paranoid feelings that come with it, such emotions often felt at that time of the year once the festivity gloss peels away.”

Download ‘Above All’ (right-click to download)

Luis Rodrigues 020219 (Medium)
Photograph by Luis Rodrigues

Track two of today’s double portion of free music comes from Kate Arnold, who we first came across at the Brixton Hill Studios AGM all-dayer at The Windmill.  Combining live-looped violin and  hammered dulcimer with vocals in a variety of ancient and medieval languages as well as in English, it’s a fair jump from our usual realm and all the more refreshing for it.

Kate will release her new single ‘For Barely One in a Thousand (The Practice of Lights)’ with a video which you can watch below, which will be followed by her first solo EP Rota Fortunae I in 2020.  We have an alternative version of one of the EP tracks for you to download today, ‘The Wind and I Must Sing (Bare Bones)’, of which Kate says “It is based on a 12th-century song by Beatriz de Dia, a trobairitz (female troubadour), called ‘A chantar m’er de so qu’ieu no volria’ (‘I must sing about something I’d rather not’) in which she complains about being ghosted by her fella. The EP version will be a bit different, so this one is exclusive to the Joyzine Advent Calendar. It is played entirely on violin with live looping and effects.”

You can keep up to date with upcoming gigs and releases by signing up to the mailing list on or by following her on Facebook.  Previous releases can be found on her solo Bandcamp page and that of her band Fear of the Forest.

Download ‘The Wind and I Must Sing (Bare Bones)’ (right-click to download)

Day Twenty: Lark


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