The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 22

Window number 22 on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and we’ve another day of double downloadable delights for you today.


American pop noir artist Nicole Atkins has been on tour around the US and beyond for much of the past year, including a European tour with Mercury Rev, so we’re going to have to wait until 2016 for our first glimpse of the follow up to 2014’s sparkling Slow Phaser album.  To keep you on tenterhooks we have one of the singles from that album for you today, ‘Girl you Look Amazing’ – download it here.


We’re also waiting with baited breath for a new album from Michael James Hall’s DIY collective Ghost Carriage Phantoms.  A new LP was teased earlier this year, but for now we have a new track, ‘The Mostly Holy Ghost’, to whet your appetite.

Michael writes: “Ghost Carriage phantoms done wrote this song, ‘The Mostly Holy Ghost’. It’s not very xmasy but it does have ‘Holy’ in the title, which suits them just fine. They have an album coming out sometime in the next year. It is called No Star. It is called that because they can predict reviews. It will be released on Marketstall Records. They believe it to be the best record label. They like their music loud. Sometime they like it quiet too. In addition, they can be incredibly facetious. Ghost Carriage Phantoms are sometimes, if not always, referred to a GCP.”

Download ‘The Mostly Holy Ghost’ here.

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