The Joyzine Advent Calendar #24: 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

The time has come at last as we have reached Christmas Eve and the final day of this year’s Joyzine Advent Calendar.  We’ve had a tremendous array of free downloads from a host of excellent bands, all of whom have given their music completely free for your listening pleasure and we’d like to extend a hearty thank you to them all for being such lovely folks.  We hope that you’ve enjoyed what we’ve had on offer, that you’ve discovered a new favourite or two, and that you have a very merry Christmas indeed.

But before we leave you to finish off our last minute present wrapping, we’ve got one last track for you.


We always like to go out on something big, so when psych-punks Yammerer offerered us 9 minute epic ‘Seasons 13:31’ from their recent Reality Escape Resort EP, there was only ever really one choice for the calendar finale.

The band, who have eschewed social media because, in the enigmatic words of vocalist J George JC, ”When you go out walking in a fog. You become wet without noticing,” have played with the likes of Warmduscher, Duds and Black Lips and are gearing up for a renewed assault on 2020.

Download ‘Seasons 13:31’ (right-click to download)

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