Advent Calendar #18 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

It’s day 18 on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and with just a week to go until Christmas we have another free download for you today.

mega emotion

Formed from the ashes of cult Norwich lo-fi favourites Bearsuit, Mega Emotion‘s mix of luscious synth washes, spiky guitars, three-part harmonies and stripy robes made them instant favourites here at Joyzine, and their set was one of the highlights of this year’s Joyfest.

They released their latest single, ‘Sick Burn’, last month and have been working on a debut album throughout 2017.  Today, we have an exclusive extended mix of the single for you – eight minutes of fragile synthy loveliness.

Download ‘Sick Burn (Extended Version)’ /

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