Advent Calendar #22 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

It’s day 22 on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and as the end of the year approaches you find us in something of a nostalgic mood, for this venerable publication will be celebrating it’s 15th anniversary in 2018.  Today’s download comes from someone that’s been involved for most of those years.

dom green

We first met Dom Green as part of the Pop Art collective who put on fantastic gigs packed with great bands, awful puns and an inventive array of indie-fied party games.  He was also to be found playing bass with the excellent Brontosaurus Chorus, Penny Orchids and Menaces, and has since formed his own band The Dom Green Mystery Machine, featuring former Penny Orchids bandmates Phil Waite (also of Guttfull, who appeared on this year’s calendar) and Tom Harrison.  Their second EP Politics, Chemistry & Philosophy was released earlier this month (and was recorded by Dave Draper of Hey You Guys!, another member of the Advent Calendar class of 2017).  Today’s free track ‘Do This Dance’ is taken from the EP.

Download ‘Do This Dance’

Day 1: Hey You Guys!, Man & Wife, Isle of the Cheetah, Oliver Edkins + Peter Richard Adams
Day 2: Matt Finucane
Day 3: Jennifer Denitto
Day 4: Piney Gir
Day 5: Bugeye
Day 6: The Scaramanga Six
Day 7: Upcdownc + In Arcadia
Day 8: Lark
Day 9: Lahayna
Day 10: Michael James Hall + Emily Ewing & Robert Lane
Day 11: The Indelicates
Day 12: Equinox + Ummagma
Day 13: Fightmilk
Day 14: Dexy
Day 15: Guttfull
Day 16: Carfax
Day 17: Mourning Birds
Day 18: Mega Emotion
Day 19: Arrows of Love
Day 20: Scab Hand
Day 21: CuT


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