Advent Calendar #23 – 24 Days of Free Music Downloads

We’ve reached the penultimate day of the Joyzine Advent Calendar 2017 and we have a triple helping of fantastic free music downloads for you today.


The first comes from cryptic experimentalists 00000000, who have been gradually spreading their electronic tendrils across both physical and virtual space in 2017.  To be honest, we enjoy the tangential spiel on their website that accompanies their gig and new release announcements so much that we’d love them even if they didn’t produce such wondrous, wandering webs of guitar and beats.  They’ve provided us with a brand new track ‘Explore’ for today’s calendar.

Download ‘Explore’ /


MJ Hibbett & The Validators have featured on many a previous Advent Calendar, and are so fully infused with the spirit of the season that they have an entire collection of festive tunes, their Christmas Selection Box, available to download on their Bandcamp page.  They add a new track to the assortment every year, and you can watch the video to this year’s addition, ‘Have a Drink With Us’ below:

MJ has kindly recorded us an exclusive new acoustic festive track, the splendidly silly ‘(It’s Gonna Be) Christmas This Christmas (At Christmas)’, which you can download below.

Download ‘(It’s Gonna Be) Christmas This Christmas (At Christmas)’ /

vienna ditto

Our third track also comes from a familiar source, long-term Joyzine favourites Vienna Ditto.  They’re currently working on the follow-up to their excellent sci-fi voodoo blues debut album Circle but have taken the time to send us ‘Barracuda’, from their most recent EP Busted Flush, which is available in expanded form with four extra tracks from their Bandcamp page.

Download ‘Barracuda’ /

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